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I get it. You're busy.  Why should you read my blog?

You’ll learn something interesting about this crazy real estate market. I write about the factors that drive home prices –  inflation, rising interest rates, inventory, working from home, costs of building supplies, and the pandemic.


If you live in Westfield NJ or if you are thinking about moving there, I will cover the real estate market, issues challenging the town’s growth, and the exciting projects underway to make Westfield an even better place to live and work.


Like the internet in 1990s, crypto and blockchain are poised to change our lives. One piece of that will be real estate. I’ll cover the basics about crypto and blockchain and then jump into the mind-bending topics of NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and virtual real estate.


Real estate wire fraud upended my life when my wife and I sold our house in 2017. I’m determined to prevent other home buyers and sellers from becoming victims by educating real estate agents and consumers. I’ll share my posts, presentations, and publications which profiled my story – The Wall Street Journal and HousingWire.


In Today’s Post, I share a few of my other interests. I write about AI, philosophy, fatherhood, time management, favorite podcasts and books, adventures, trees, and life stories.

Who am I?

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I am a real estate broker with decades of experience in multiple fields. I started my career in Washington, DC, after law school and grad school. I worked at EPA and then on Capitol Hill as a special counsel

for a congressional subcommittee. (Once upon a time, Capitol Hill was filled with young professionals who were smart, thoughtful, kind, and committed to public service.) I then joined a law firm in Florida and eventually built my own environmental law practice. In 2000, my family moved to New Jersey and I became a commercial real estate broker. In 2016, I transitioned into residential real estate and in November 2021 I joined CØMPASS.

Rich Hopen


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