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Always Be Consultative

Real estate agents are "salespeople."

Is that an insult?

Agents who work hard to put client satisfaction ahead of their own interest might be offended.

That's because salesperson is a dirty word. It conjures up images of manipulative sales tactics to get a prospective buyer to say yes.

How do real estate agents interact with their prospects in 2021? Do agents still deploy the aggressive tactics that were portrayed in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross?

According to Google search, the perception of real estate agents hasn't improved.

Sales training has undergone a makeover. The trainers aren't focused on tactics. Instead they advocate empathy and a consultative approach.

Makes sense to me because that's how I've always interacted with prospects and clients.

Treat people with respect. Pay attention to their needs. Form a relationship. Become their trusted advisor. Done!

But I'm not sure if good listening and empathy are skills that can be taught.

I understand an agent can learn "active listening" techniques, but I doubt that it will come across as genuine.

And I believe empathy is innate. You got it or you don't.


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