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An Art Degree is a Hedge Against AI

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

My son Matt is an artist. He sees the world through an artist’s lens.

He must create art everyday. If he doesn’t, the day has a big void.

As a fine arts major at Pratt Institute he’s learning from the best art teachers in NYC.

Great, but is it practical to study art?

In 2021, a student with an inclination in nursing, science, technology, engineering, or math is set. They will develop a skill and leave college knowing they will find a job with a good salary.

What about artists?

Turns out, deciding to become an artist may have a been a very practical decision.

He has a profession that will be among the last that AI will supplant.

The consulting firm McKinsey & Company published a report about AI that has some startling findings.

My takeaway is that when Matt turns 30, AI will be upending much of today’s work force.

But not artists.


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