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Are You Passionate About Your Work?

It’s transformative to watch someone perform their craft with expertise and passion.

In the business world, I’ve seen executives give speeches that inspire employees to work long hours simply for the joy of being part of the company’s mission.

I've stopped my car to watch bricklayers.

I’ve witnessed jazz great Miles Davis leave his audience silent and frozen in awe after improvising one of his classic pieces.

I’ve seen Tony Robbins work 4,000 people into a frenzy and convince them to walk barefoot on hot coals.

And this week, I saw violin soloist Ray Chen perform Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, Op.64.

Mr. Chen was hypnotic.

He stood during his performance and played with his entire body. His fingers moved so fast and with such precision that they appeared to blur. He stood on his toes, crouched low to the ground, swayed slowly, and jerked his body. His facial expressions mirrored the mood of his notes. Mr. Chen smiled, scorned, frowned, and grimaced.

The performance was electrifying.

I left wondering how can I inject more passion into my work.


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