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Bye Bye Humans

In forty years, when my son is my age, computers will be smarter than humans.

Today, we experience computers being smarter than us when calculating numbers, navigating a route in our cars, or remembering the name of an actor from a movie we saw 10 years ago.

But imagine a computer that can do everything our brain can do, but better. Now imagine it learns at such a rapid rate that it will be more intelligent than all human brains combined.

That moment is known as singularity.

It’s when we’ve crossed over from artificial general intelligence to artificial super intelligence.

This isn’t science fiction. It’s the inevitable next stage of human evolution.

Some argue it will be the end of biological evolution.

Of course, it’s hard for us to get our minds around the end of human biology. But we’re already integrating technology into our lives to serve our bodies and minds.

I wear a Fitbit so I can monitor my sleep (or lack thereof) and exercise. I use the internet throughout the day to get answers to questions.

Nanotechnology in medicine is making big strides toward curing diseases we think of as incurable. As I age, will I be able to replace failing organs with those that are manufactured?

Will we become cyborgs?

Or maybe we’ll just abandon the body altogether and only have consciousness.

Similar to the Matrix. Or Buddhism.

Singularity. Get ready, it's coming.


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