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Four Types of People

It was 27 degrees, the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky.

A pretty winter Saturday and I was psyched to ride my motorcycle. I dressed in layers and got my bike ready.

However, I didn’t know about the danger of riding on “cold tires.”

Two blocks from my house I took a turn and my bike slid out from under me. There wasn’t any ice or gravel. Just cold tires and no traction.

I stood up and realized I wasn’t hurt. I assessed the minor damage to my bike.

Immediately people reacted.

Here's what I observed. There are four types of people…

1) The Leaders. These people took initiative. They pulled over, put on their flashers, walked right over to me to help. They didn’t seek permission. They stepped up.

2) The Managers. They slowed down, opened their windows, and asked if I needed help. They were concerned, but they wanted to make sure their assistance was needed. They didn’t want to waste their time.

3) The Majority. They slowed down, looked at the accident scene and kept driving.

4) The Assholes. They looked at me, smiled, smirked, or pointed.

Who are you?


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