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I Need More Coffee. Now!

Every few months I eat breakfast alone at a diner. I bring my journal and write about business, money, goals, heath, and family.

I look for a quiet spot. If there are noisy customers or a blaring television, I plug in my earbuds.

I also need a lot of coffee.

Today was a problem because my server was inattentive.

At 6:15 am I was the only customer. I sat in a booth near the window but the waitress didn't come over to my table. She was seated across the restaurant at the counter, working on a crossword puzzle.

I started reading early journal entries and ten minutes later, she came to my table with coffee and took my order.

Twenty minutes later she brought my eggs, but didn't have the coffee pitcher for a refill.

I asked for more, but she never come back.

I couldn't get her attention. She just sat across the diner at the counter, head down, focused on her crossword.

I have no tolerance for poor service and I started to feel agitated.

My introspective journal writing mojo was fading away.

I was going to shout for her, but that's not my style.

I decided to leave.

She looked up as I walked to the front of the restaurant to pay. She put down her pencil, stood up very slowly, and shuffled to the register. She grimaced in pain with each step. Her left knee had a brace on it.

As she was writing up the check, she talked about her grandkids, the nice weather, and the benefits of waking up early.

She was sweet and I liked her.

I felt like a jerk for being judgmental. I must learn to be more patient.


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