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Journal Every Morning

Listening to books and podcasts has become part of my life. When I run on the treadmill, drive more than 10 minutes, or walk to a store, I digest the news or learn about tech, marketing, or self-improvement.

Last year I listened to an interview of a top Hollywood movie director. It was a Tim Ferriss interview and one of Tim’s standard line of questions is about morning routines. The director talked about the value of writing in a journal first thing every morning.

He said his mind wasn’t yet cluttered with the day’s urgent tasks vying for his attention. Instead it was the clearest it would be all day.

He gets out his journal with his favorite pen and forces himself to write for at least 20 minutes. He doesn’t outline ideas. He doesn’t make lists or draw a “mind map.”

He just sits and writes whatever comes to mind.

The ideas come spewing out. Most are useless, but there are gems. And some of those gems germinated into movie ideas that became blockbusters. And they changed the course of his life.

I’m no Hollywood movie guy, but I’m an ideas machine. Give me a scenario, challenge, goal, and I’ll go to town.

Stick me in a room with a few creative thinkers and large blank whiteboard and I’m in heaven.

Better yet, give me 20 minutes first thing in the morning with my journal.

I write about big life goals, small goals, and what’s holding me back.

I challenge myself to do those things I know I should do, but don’t. I hold myself accountable.

I assess how I’m feeling. I figure out what distracts me, or worse, what discourages me.

I become my own therapist and patient. Teacher and student. Guru and disciple.

The day becomes more productive and fulfilling.

I’m slowly creating the future I’m writing about.

Daily journaling is changing my life.



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