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Stepping Off the Merry-Go-Round

I’ve been searching for answers my entire life.

When I was a teenager and a college student, I was interested in Hinduism, Buddhism, psychology, hypnosis, meditation, and politics.

I pondered questions that were typical of youth and the 70s. What is reality? How do our minds work? What’s truth? Why are we so caught up in materialism and our egos? Why is society and politics so broken? Why is the world filled with so much suffering? Can I escape this darkness and live a life of true happiness?

And then I grew up. My energy shifted to being an adult. Building my career(s). Building a life with Jody and starting a family.

The big life questions of my youth were still there, just muffled.

They are back.

My interest in how technology is giving us a peek into how our brains work is rekindling my intrigue in Buddhism and meditation.

I just read Robert Wright’s Why Buddhism Is True and it has sparked my desire to pursue living a more peaceful life. His thesis resonates with me…

As humans, we are animals created by natural selection. Our instincts drive our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

When something around us stimulates a thought or feeling, we react.

Meditation is a tool that allows a person to observe this process and change their behavior. It teaches them to insert a pause between stimuli and response.

Having more control of my behavior and emotions sounds good to me.


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