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We'll Be As Ignorant As Flat-Earthers

Before explorers took to the seas and traveled beyond the horizon, man believed the world was flat. Why would they have thought otherwise? The world appeared flat.

Perception was reality.

What about today?

How do we perceive the world and will our view be laughable in the future?

Of course it will.

Advances in technology are happening so quickly, we are blind to it.

Consider the changes my grandfather saw during the first 30 years of his life. He saw cars replace horses and the invention of radio.

My dad saw the dawn of air travel and television.

And by the time I turned 30, I saw rockets launched into space, a moon walk, cell phones, and an early form of email.

My kids were born as computers became a household necessity and the internet was connecting everyone. And then social media changed how we interact with each other. We use our pocket computers.

But this ain’t nothin’ compared to what's ahead.

Artificial intelligence will infiltrate every industry just as electricity did in 1880s.

Augmented reality will change how we experience our environment. And then virtual reality will create an entirely new reality. It will be fictional, that is non-physical, but it will feel real and we’ll remember it as real.

What will life be like for my grandkids?

I can’t possibly know.

The rate of change is increasing so fast we don’t have the framework to guess.

However, I will make a prediction. They will look back on life in 2021 and laugh at us.

Will we appear more ignorant to them than the flat-earthers appear to us?



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